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Tamarindo was a game-changer in Oakland and it's not hard to see why. The Old Oakland restaurant showcases beautiful Mexican dishes, as well as innovative cocktails that display just how versatile a spirit tequila really is. It was also one of the first new restaurants to open in Old Oakland, injecting a much-needed boost of nightlife into the neighborhood. Other bars and restaurants soon followed suit.  (Read the full article)


This Old Oakland destination opened in 2005. Mother and son Gloria and Alfonso Dominguez had a simple goal - no fusion, just the traditional Mexican cuisine that one can find in Mexico. "No sour cream on enchiladas," Alfonso Dominguez says.

Although they've dropped cloth napkins in favor of paper, the restaurant still has an elegant flair, with heavy wooden tables, hip lighting and a tin ceiling in an 1868 building. (Read the full article)


Don’t miss the crispy, golden tacos de camarón—filled with plump prawns, roasted chilies, and cool shreds of lettuce—or the mulitas, two supple corn tortillas stuffed with pink, juicy Niman Ranch steak, guacamole, and salsa fresca. The menu includes chiles toreados, an impressive array of grilled chilies, including a lone, tear-inducingly hot habanero that will satisfy even the hard-core heat lover. Luckily, cooling house-made sangria and aguas frescas are on hand, and you can finish your meal with the soothing, silky coconut flan. Read more here.

"They have daily specials - I enjoyed their Chili Rellenos (not your typical eggy battered fried kind) - stuffed with ground chicken, currants, nuts & spices served with a cream sauce and pomegranate seeds. If you're a flan fan, you gotta try theirs! It's dense, creamy, and custardy. Yum!" (Read more)